Green Card Lottery FAQss

1.What did "Native" mean in Green Card Lottery Procedure?

A person who was born in a particular country and was residing in another country or nationality can be termed as Native. An individual who was named to be in a country instead of he/she born in the provision of 202 (b) sections related to the immigration and nationality act.

2.What did "Chargeability" mean in Green Card Lottery Procedure?

Chargeability is related to the limitation of the immigrants from the particular country or region and said to be as charged to a country.

It was referred in 3 ways

Whether your country of birth is same to the country of eligibility Eligibility of country of birth of your spouse. Your country of eligibility was neither your parents birth country and nor which your parents are resident at your birth time.

Above three ways are helpful in selection of the country of chargeability. The incorrect credentials will lead to disqualification for Green Card Lottery.

3.I'm I eligible if I was not born in a qualifying country?

There will be two circumstances you must understand in this situation.

You can claim the chargeability If your spouse was born ineligible country list and issued an immigrant visa. You both can enter United States with DV, and your child can be charged with your country of birth. The second possibility is if you are charged with your parents the country of birth where neither of your parents born or reside in that country at the time of your birth. A detailed explanation must be provided to the E-DV Entry form if you claim the alternate chargeability.

4.Why some natives of particular countries are ineligible for the DV program?

The countries whose citizens as total 50,000 people immigrated on sponsored and employment basis to US are considered as the "High Admission countries", which are not qualified by DV. The USCIS calculated annually and list out the countries whose natives are eligible and not eligible.

5.What are the total number DV Lottery visas will go to natives of eligible country and each region?

It was entirely depends upon the regional limits that are eventually issued by the department of the state. It looks over the number of entrants come from each country and eligibility of entrants for visas. The limit was not more than 7% of total visas can go to native of same country.

6.What are the educational and work experience requirements to be eligible for Visa?

According to immigration law rules, the DV entrant must complete the high school education or whatever equivalent to the 12 years of course both elementary and secondary education in US or any other country. Correspondence and distance mode of education was not eligible. The entrant must submit the documentary proof of education and work experience. The entrant must have at least 2 years work experience within past five years.

7.Occupations those are qualified for DV?

Basing on the US department of labor rules, the o*net online database organize the job experience and DOL list the occupations in five jobber zones. Not all the occupations were qualify for the DV

8.How to know qualifying occupations for DV program?

You can go to O*Net OnLine database and click on "find occupations" and select" job family". Make a selection and click on "GO" by clicking on link of your specific occupation and tap on "Job Zone". You will get Job Zone number and SVP rating.

9.Age restriction for application to E-DV program?

Entrants under age of 18 are disqualified

10.When should I submit my entry?

Check specified timings in newly released DV suggestions and guideline. It is better to start your process when the notification was released and as early as possible during the registration period. If you start just before the ending date of registration, the servers might become busy and you may unable to submit your entry.

11.I'm residing in US and I'm I eligible to enter the DV program?

Entrant may submit the entry form from anywhere basing on the eligibility. You can enter the Dv while you reside in US also.

12.Can my spouse and I submit a separate entry?

Yes, if you can meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply. So, if any one was selected another one you can go as derivative dependent.

13.What relations can we include as family members in my DV entry?

Spouse: If you are married in a legal way and though you have separated until it becomes legal. If your spouse was already a resident of US no need to include in DV Children: list all your children under 21 years who are unmarried. Formally adopted, step children who are currently living g with you. Listing family members in your entry don't require to apply visa or immigration to travel with you, but you must successful include the eligible dependent otherwise you will be disqualified.

14.I'm eligible for DV program, if I had already got registered for immigrant visa?

Yes. You are eligible.

15.Can I be able to download or save the E-DV entry form and finish it later?

No. you cannot save or download or pause your entry for completion. You must fill at a time when you are online.

16.I don't have scanner. Is there any problem sending my photographs to someone in US to scan and save to email back to me for utilizing the same for entry?

Yes. You can if your photograph meets the eligibility requirements.

17.Can I re-submit my entry if my photos doesn't meet the specification?

Yes, you can submit as E-DV will not treat to as an entry if you failed to completed the entire form. So, you can submit your entry again if it was not successfully submitted before due to photograph specification issue. The process must be done in 60 minutes after the correction of your photograph to meet the requirements. Then only you can successfully submit your application. You must not submit multiple entries.

18.When can I get confirmation notice?

You will get the confirmation notice immediately after submission of your entry. You must secure the confirmation number. If you didn't receive due to internet speed delay or something, you can hit the "submit" button a many times as you can until you receive your confirmation notification.

19.If I still didn't receive any confirmation after hitting the submit button number of times, can I make another entry?

Yes. You can do a fresh entry. As you didn't receive the confirmation notice, your entry was not successfully submitted and doesn't include in entries. So, it will not treat as a multiple entry.


20.How can I know that I'm selected?

You can use your confirmation number to check the entrant status on E-DV website. The Department of state will notify you if you are selected. They will notify you about the time and date you must need to attend for the Visa interview. The Department of the state will not contact you directly through call for intimation of your selection.

21.How can I know if I'm not selected?

You will not receive any notification from the Department of State on your disqualification. You must check your entrant status with your confirmation number and check on the website.

22.I lose my confirmation number. What should I do?

The Entrant Status Check is the new tool that is available in DV-website which helps you to retrieve the confirmation number via email address you have given during the registration of your entry.

23.Will I receive any information from Department of State through email or post?

The Department of State will not send any email or post regarding confirmation or notification letter informing your selection. You will receive mail only if you are a selectee and the mail is about appointment after selection. The mail to the selectee regarding appointment does not contain information about the date and time of appointment for visa interview. It will just specify some link to check the things. So, don't fall in the tricks played by some websites asking you to send money etc.



There will not be any fee for submission of the DV-entry. If you are selected, then you need to pay required charges for Visa which is payable at the consular cashier in Consulate or U.S Embassy.

25.Can I get refund if I was not selected for the DV?

No, you will not get any refunds.

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