The primary objective of USGCL( is to provide an equal chance to all people who can live and work in the United States permanently. Many Candidates are failed to reach the eligibility requirements. They are disqualified, just not because they are ineligible but also due to lack of proper knowledge though they are eligible for the same. We support our candidates to enjoy the best service for successful submission of DV lottery program application formalities. We have successfully helped and encouraged many individuals who are trying for Green Card. We supported them at every step and helped them to get selected.

Some facts we have experienced and revealed in our service:

According to Department of state, more than 50 percent applicants are rejected due to failing in subjected requirements. The State Department will not scrutinize your submission like USGCL. Sometimes the state department will accept your photographs that are submitted in the application though it didn't meet the required specification. It will not notify the disqualified photograph like USGCL does. You will get confirmation, but your application might get the rejection in the further verification procedures. It is all due to lack of understanding the application process, specifications, eligibility requirements and everything about DV program.

USGCL( Designed its services dedicated for Customers

We provide a 100% guarantee for participation in Diversity Visa Lottery Program. We act as a liaison between the authorities and applicants in the entire procedure and thus ensure your application process without any obstacles while filling the information and related details accurately. We make you follow the right photograph specifications, information of the time slots and basic formats to be followed during the application procedure.

How will you enjoy connecting with USGCL(

You will get an equal chance to be in the selection list. No errors in filling data and processing the same. Multiple years registration. No need to submit your application every year. 100% guaranteed submission on time. A brief personalized review on every information required. 24X7 customer service to all our clients. USGCL( provide notifications through Email and Phone on customer's choice.

USGCL( also provide a high standard support and review with the application procedures. We verify eligibility, custom picture, evaluation of complete information filled in each subject area, tracking the winning results after confirmation and follow-up notifications.

Why you need USGCL(

USGCL( will submit your application in a simple, rapid and secure way. Your information will get reviewed by the professional immigration specialists. We avoid delays and errors during the process. We Alert you on every progress of your application. Handle all formalities by making you sit comfortably without any panic. USGCL Notifies you directly about your selection result. USGCL Keeps you update and follow-up about program automatically.

Our Assurance

USGCL assure that your application will not get disqualified from any mistakes, errors, incorrect information. We review your application thoroughly in all circumstances and submit your application to the department of the state. We address all questions relates to DV and support you at every step.

USGCL services include the following:

Confirms whether the Green Card Lottery program was suitable for you or not. Will provide a checklist for necessary documents needed for the said program. Application procedures Submission of the application directly to the Lottery we provide an efficient coordination with the respective ABC departments. Experts advise on consular procedures. Online application status from time to time. Unlimited personal support while processing your application.

USGCL always strives for Customer loyalty and bind for excellence in serving the applicants to reach their dream.